To become enrolled in the MICJ basic polygraph examiner course, you need to download and mail (or fax:410-987-4808) BOTH of these forms:

  • The MICJ Polygraph School Application: PDF

  • The MICJ School Enrollment Agreement: PDF

Note: For faster downloading and saving, right-click on the file link until a pop-up menu appears. Choose "Save This Link As..." or "Save Target As..." from the pop-up menu. A dialog box will appear. Choose where you would like the file saved, then click the "Save" button. You will need to locate and manually open your file because using the "Save Target As..." command does not automatically open a file

To find out more information as to how you can utilize MICJ polygraph services, or Accredited polygraph training contact the offices of MICJ at:

or by Mail:


8424 Veterans Highway,

Suite 3

Millersville, Maryland 21108

Tips for Foreign Students attending MICJ Polygraph Training:

MICJ has trained many polygraph students from foreign countries to include Israel, South Africa, France, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, Lithuania and Russia.Here are some and other pieces of information suggested by past students to help you with your travel plans to the USA during your polygraph training at MICJ.

Some foreign students may require an I-20 form in order to obtain a Visa for entry into the United States. MICJ is authorized to issue an I-20 form provided the student completes the following:

  1. Provides a completed MICJ application form and the Enrollment Agreement [both may be downloaded] and is fully qualified for the MICJ polygraph training program, and
  2. Provides evidence of college or university credits or signs an Education waiver form, and
  3. Has paid the required application fee and seat guarantee payment of $150.00 in U.S. funds which is not refundable.

Please allow sufficient time for processing your application if an I-20 form is required for your travel. The applicant must also meet all US Immigration requirements for entry into the United States.

Three airports service the Washington DC - Baltimore, MD area. You should try to arrange your flight into the Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) which is about 7 miles from MICJ.If you arrive at Dulles International Airport or Ronald Reagan National Airport (formerly Washington National Airport) you will be 50-70 miles away from the school and ground transportation to MICJ will cost an extra $75.00 - $100.00.Upon arrival at the BWI Airport, you may take a taxi to the Hill Motel, Millersville, MD.

Cash, bank cashier's checks or Travelers Checks in U.S. funds are no problem.MICJ cannot accept credit cards for payment of tuition, but credit cards are widely accepted everywhere for food, motels or merchandise - IF THEY ARE IN U.S. FUNDS.Some students have arrived with MasterCard or Visa Cards in foreign currency and found that they cannot be used in the U.S.Their bank advised them that the cards would be okay, but a credit purchase could not be approved.Make sure any credit card you have is in U.S. dollars and you will have not problem.American Express cards are accepted at many locations.

While U.S. currency can be obtained with U.S. dollar credit cards, there is a daily limit on the amount of money which can be obtained.Many U.S. banks usually impose $200.00 - $500.00 daily limits.Many students have encountered problems trying to obtain large amounts of cash from their credit cards.

The least expensive and nearest motel is the Hill Motel which is a about 1 mile away from MICJ.Students can also rent a small refrigerator and microwave combination for an additional $10.00 per day which can save of eating expenses.The motel is safe and clean but not fancy.

Local transportation is very limited.MICJ will arranged and/or provide students with transportation to and from the school from the Hill Motel if necessary.We suggest you begin your stay at the Hill Motel and if other options are available to you, then you can switch to another location.In the past, some students have started at the Hill Motel and then transferred to another motel where other students with transportation are staying.Other students then provide a ride to and from the school.In several cases, foreign students have grouped together to rent a car during the course on weekends. Some students have found a local apartment in the area, but a car would be required for that option.

Foreign students should carefully determine if their medical insurance would be valid in the United States.You may wish to consider purchase of an insurance policy which will pay for emergency medical treatment for an unexpected accident and/or illness.You should bring appropriate documentation with you.

The school dress code is shirt and tie with coat or jacket. MICJ has a dress down day at least one time each week where an MICJ logo class T-shirt and casual clothing can be worn.Each student is given one MICJ shirt for dress down day and additional shirts may be purchased.

MICJ will provide assistance to foreign students and in the past, other classmates have been quite helpful.You will not be left stranded and some special weekend arrangements are provided to aid foreign students.A restaurant is adjacent to the Hill Motel and a shopping center is about 2 miles away.

You may wish to bring a notebook computer.You can use an MICJ printer for printing documents so it would not be necessary to bring a printer.It is suggested that you bring a small language translation dictionary.A number of foreign students have purchased laptop computers at very reasonable prices in the U.S.


  How to Contact MICJ

To obtain an application or to find out more about the MICJ Accredited polygraph training program, contact the institute by telephone, fax or email at:

•Phone - (410)987-6665
•FAX - (410)987-4808
•E-Mail -

or by Mail at:


8424 Veterans Highway,

Suite 3,

Millersvile, Maryland 21108