To become enrolled in the MICJ basic polygraph examiner course, you need to download and mail (or fax:  410-987-4808) BOTH of these forms:

  • The MICJ Polygraph School Application: PDF

  • The MICJ School Enrollment Agreement: PDF

Note: For faster downloading and saving, right-click on the file link until a pop-up menu appears. Choose "Save This Link As..." or "Save Target As..." from the pop-up menu. A dialog box will appear. Choose where you would like the file saved, then click the "Save" button. You will need to locate and manually open your file because using the "Save Target As..." command does not automatically open a file

To find out more information as to how you can utilize MICJ polygraph services, or Accredited polygraph training contact the offices of MICJ at:

or by

Mail at:

MICJ, 8424 Veterans Highway,

Suite 3, Millersville,

Maryland 21108



Major Accomplishments 

The major successes of the Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice (MICJ) accredited training program includes: 

  • Accreditation by the American Polygraph Association for over 20 years
  • Training of polygraph examiners for all levels of law enforcement 
  • Three classes each year with no minimum student enrollment requirement
  • Training provided for over 50 federal law enforcement and intelligence agency  polygraph examiners 
  • Skills developed by practical exercises in simulated polygraph cases 
  • Concentration on interrogation techniques and obtaining confessions from deceptive subjects 
  • Training on Lafayette polygraph instruments 
  • An introduction to Lafayette computerized polygraphs and to The John Hopkins University Applied Physics 
  • Laboratory Polygraph Automated Scoring System (POLYSCORE) 
  • Only validated control question polygraph techniques with numerical polygraph chart  analysis is used in training
  • Instruction in police applicant screening, EPPA, and ADA issues 
  • An outstanding instructional staff of practicing polygraph examiners with a combined polygraph experience of over 175 years 
  • An up-to-date library of several hundred textbooks and related polygraph journals, newsletters, videos and reference materials 


MICJ can meet your polygraph training needs. After you have looked over our on-line catalog, please let us know if you have any questions.  If you are interested in purchasing polygraph equipment, you may obtain a discount through the school, and we would invite you to discuss your needs with the school prior to making any purchase. Let MICJ bid on any of your polygraph instruments and supplies. 



Course Objectives and Mission 

Graduates of the MICJ polygraph program are able to properly structure polygraph test questions, administer professional polygraph examinations, accurately analyze the polygraph charts and to recognize and interrogate deceptive subjects.  MICJ is fully accredited by the AMERICAN POLYGRAPH ASSOCIATION; is approved as a private, post secondary school under the Maryland Higher Education Commission; and is approved for payments of VA Benefits.  MICJ graduates qualify for membership in the American Polygraph Association and other professional polygraph associations; they will be able to obtain polygraph licenses in licensing states; and as a graduate of an APA nationally accredited polygraph school are eligible to obtain professional liability insurance for polygraph examiners. 


Course Schedule 

Class is conducted 8 hours daily, Monday - Friday, for a total of 400 classroom hours for 10 weeks. Scheduled classes are projected as follows:



Basic Course Schedule:

  • Session III September 10 - November 16, 2018


Basic Course Schedule:

  • Session I - January 7 - March 15, 2019
  • Session II - April 8 - June 14, 2019
  • Session III - September 9 - November 15, 2019

PCSOT Schedule (40-hour PCSOT Course Dates):
  • March 18 - 22, 2019





All applicants must be of good character and reputation and have no convictions of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude. Each applicant will be investigated and undergo an extensive oral interview to establish suitability and admission ability. Any misstatement, misrepresentation or failure to disclose biographical information will be used as the sold basis to deny admission to the course. Each applicant must meet all requirements for polygraph licensing in their home state if any exists. The applicant must provide evidence of their education.

Applicants should have 60 or more semester hours of accredited college credit as a college degree or some college credit is typically required for membership in professional organizations and licensing. If the applicant does not have 60 college credits; police or investigative experience may be substituted for this requirement. Applicants having less than 60 semester credits will be issued a waiver.



A Certificate will be awarded to students who meet all of the following requirements:
  1. Satisfies admission requirements to include evidence of their education; and
  2. Demonstrates satisfactory academic and practical performance through written and practical examinations. A score of 75% is passing. If any grade is below 75%, the student will be placed on probation. Two consecutive scores below 75% may result in academic dismissal; and
  3. Passes a comprehensive written final examination; and
  4. Satisfies all financial obligations to the school.
An Academic Transcript may be obtained for a student who is in good standing and who has met the above requirements. An attendance report may be issued at the request of the student without cost. A student's attendance is reported to the Veterans Administration



MICJ consists of over 1,000 square feet, and is located in a modern office building. The school has one large main classroom and 10 private offices that are used for practical exercises. Equipment used for instruction includes traditional school items such as blackboards, audiovisual equipment and view graphs. Twelve analog polygraph instruments, and six computer polygraphs are also available for student use. The balance of the office area is used for administration and conducting a polygraph service business. Class is held from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily, Monday through Friday, with one-half hour for lunch. Attendance is mandatory. If the school cancels class for any reason, the class will be rescheduled. If a student misses class for any reason, the work must be made up. It is noted that no classes have been canceled by MICJ during the last 20 years, so students should expect to complete the course on time. MICJ facilities are limited to 8 students and admission applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Applicants should apply early to allow time for processing and to insure them a seat in the session of their choice.



Class attendance is mandatory. All missed classes must be made up. Only 8 hours of excused absence is allowed for an emergency such as court appearance and /or illness. Students must attend at least 312 hours in order to be graduated. Students may be required to pay an additional fee of $50.00 per hour for individualized make-up or tutored instruction.

Any person who cannot attend class on a regular basis should not apply for admission. If a student is required to withdraw from the course due to a major illness or other emergency, the student may elect to request, in writing, a leave of absence in lieu of withdrawal. The maximum period of leave will be 60 days.

Where a leave of absence is granted, the student may receive credit for that portion of the course which has been actually attended and successfully completed. The student may start at the appropriate point in the next available session. No refund will be given if a Leave of Absence is granted and no additional fees will be required. Only one leave of absence is allowed and no further delays are possible other than the next regularly scheduled course session. If the student chooses not to attend the next scheduled course following the Leave of Absence, a refund will be made based on the date of withdrawal and paid to the student within 15 days of the student's withdrawal.





Preferred partner, Annapolis Residence Inn by Marriott: 170 Admiral Cochran Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401, offers ewly renovated spacious studio suites featuring fully equipped kitchens, separate living and sleeping areas and free high speed internet. Property amenities include a fitness center, seasonal outdoor pool, and laundry facilities on site along with complimentary parking and business services and a 24 hour friendly staff. Contact general manager Reagan Wise to make reservations: (410) 573-0300. Contact the Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice or the hotel directly for the current room rates and be sure to specify the MICJ polygraph school rate if you call the hotels.


Extended Stay:

Special arrangements have been made with EXTENDED STAY, 120 Admiral Chochran Drive, Annapolis, MD. You must contact the General Manager [410/579-6600 X5002] and inform them you are a student at the MICJ Polygraph school to get this special rate. Amenities include: Fully equipped kitchen; Utensils, Wireless high-speed internet, workspace, free local calls & cable TV, housekeeping service, laundry on site. Email: For Reservations, call (410) 571-6600. Contact the Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice or the hotel directly for the current room rates and be sure to specify the MICJ polygraph school rate if you call the hotels.

The Curriculum 

History and Development of Polygraph in the Detection of Deception 8 Hours 
Mechanics of Instrument Operation, Maintenance & Calibration 24 Hours
Test Question Construction 30 Hours
Polygraph Techniques 74 Hours
Interviewing Procedures 20 Hours 
Legal Aspects 8 Hours 
Chart Analysis 45 Hours
Ethics 6 Hours 
Developing Polygraph Skills 90 Hours 
Psychological & Physiological Aspects and Research 44 Hours 
Countermeasures and Examiner Precautions 10 Hours
Computer Polygraph Testing 4 Hours
Communications and Cultural Diversity 2 Hours 
Examinations 12 Hours
Total Classroom Hours 400 Hours 


Course Fees and Requirements 

The fee for the MICJ polygraph program is $5,800.00 which includes the use of all textbooks, polygraph equipment, library facilities and handout materials. There are no additional fees chargedother than a 3% service charge if tuition is paid by credit card. No charge for bank transfers. Students are encouraged to join the American Polygraph Association and if applications are made at the time of basic training, APA membership costs only $75.00. Police examiners are encouraged to join the American Association of Police Polygraphists [AAPP] where the membership fee is $75.00 per year.

Only graduates of American Polygraph Association accredited schools are eligible for membership in the APA. All applicants must be of excellent character and reputation and have no convictions of a felony or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, and must meet all requirements for polygraph licensing in their home state if any exists.  Due to the extensive curriculum, applicants should have 60 or more semester hours of accredited college credit. Police investigative experience or other professional experience may be substituted for college credits and will be considered on an individual basis. 

Due to the intensive instruction and an individualized approach, MICJ classes are limited to a maximum of 8 students. Interested persons who meet the basic criteria should contact the school for a formal application and course catalog. 

How to Contact MICJ

To obtain an application or to find out more about the MICJ Accredited polygraph training program, contact the institute by telephone, fax or email at:   

•Phone - (410)987-6665 
•FAX - (410)987-4808 
•E-Mail -

or by Mail at:


8424 Veterans Highway,

Suite 3,

Millersvile, Maryland 21108