Welcome to the MICJ homepage...your source for excellence in polygraph training with a proven track record since 1976. Established in 1971, the Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice (MICJ) provides polygraph services for legal, medical, civil and employee related areas. Polygraph examiners at MICJ are members of the American Polygraph Association and Maryland Polygraph Association, and are graduates of American Polygraph Association accredited polygraph schools. MICJ is an accredited polygraph training institution.



The MICJ basic polygraph course is fully accredited by the American Polygraph Association and meets the legal requirements of ASTM.

When selecting a polygraph school for training don't base your decision on the type of polygraph instruments featured by the school. All computerized polygraph systems are windows based and there are only minor differences in software. MICJ graduates are qualified to use any type of polygraph equipment.

More important in selecting a polygraph school is the training on testing techniques, question formulation, chart analysis, and interview/interrogation. MICJ teaches validated comparison question and numerical evaluation used by the US government since the 1960s, along with techniques of police applicant screening. Our polygraph instructors are all active examiners with over 100 years of combined polygraph experience in all types of testing.

The Basic Polygraph Examiner Course is approved for payment of Veterans Benefits. The MICJ V.A. Facility Code is 2-5-0168-20

2021 - All MICJ courses are being held with full observance of all Coronavirus safety procedures.

Basic Course Schedule:

  • Schedule III - September 13 - November 19, 2021

2022 - At this time, there are no courses scheduled for 2022.

HB464 Details

ATTN: MD students. HB464 requires the following: About 85% of MICJ students are already employed and sent by their police or government agency. Veterans must have an employment plan and training meets the requirement for all licensing states. Salaries range from $30-60,000.00 depending on experience. MICJ has no job placement but will provide leads when available. Many persons plan self-employment or to help qualify for federal employment positions, other than as a polygraph examiner.

The MICJ Director, Billy H. Thompson and his staff at the Institute have been providing polygraph service in Maryland since 1971.  Testing includes issues involving criminal or civil matters, personal and family issues as well as authorized testing for business in compliance with EPPA [Employee Polygraph Protection Act] and ADA {American Disabilities Act].  Call us to discuss how polygraph can help your situation.  Visa & MasterCard accepted.

*Please register early to insure the class will populate.

For more information or enrollment Phone (410)987-6665 or (800)493-8181

In Memoriam - MICJ Faculty
Richard Davis
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